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Inside the first bird, surprising signs of a dinosaur

The raptor-like Archaeopteryx has long been viewed as the archetypal first bird, but new research reveals that it was actually a lot less “bird-like” than scientists had believed. In fact, the landmark study led by paleobiologist Gregory M. Erickson of The Florida State University has upended the iconic first-known-bird image of Archaeopteryx (from the Greek […]

Landmark study sheds new light on human chromosomal birth defects

Using yeast genetics and a novel scheme to selectively remove a single protein from the cell division process called meiosis, a cell biologist at The Florida State University has found that when a key molecular player known as Pds5 goes missing, chromosomes fail to segregate and pair up properly. Such failures in yeast result in […]

Florida State professor wins $5M grant to train next generation of education researchers

A researcher at The Florida State University has been awarded a $5 million, five-year federal grant to train doctoral students to conduct advanced research on the best ways of teaching reading, math and science to the nation’s schoolchildren. Psychology Professor Christopher J. Lonigan received the grant renewal from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of […]

American Chemical Society names Marshall to first group of fellows

The honors continue to stack up for one of The Florida State University’s best-known scientists. Alan G. Marshall, the Robert O. Lawton Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State and director of the Ion Cyclotron Resonance Program at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, has been named to the first group of fellows selected […]

Troubled waters: Low Apalachicola River flow may hurt Gulf fisheries

Reductions in the flow of the Apalachicola River have far-reaching effects that could prove detrimental to grouper and other reef fish populations in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, according to a new Florida State University study that may provide new ammunition for states engaged in a nearly two-decade water war. The Florida State researchers found […]

Florida State researchers putting science at teachers’ fingertips worldwide with ‘GEOSET’

“What makes thunder?” “Why do frogs jump?” “What are we made of?” Those are the sorts of questions that curious children often spring on unsuspecting schoolteachers — and that their teachers sometimes struggle to answer. To make teachers’ jobs a little easier, Florida State University researchers have created GEOSET — short for "Global Educational Outreach for […]

Florida State student receives prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

A Florida State University student who is pursuing research in the unique field of mathematical biology has received a prestigious Goldwater Scholarship, awarded to the nation’s brightest mathematics, science and engineering college sophomores and juniors. Alan Kuhnle, a junior mathematics major from Oxford, Miss., was one of 278 U.S. students to receive a 2009-10 scholarship. […]

FSU computer science professor wins NSF early career award

Andy Wang, an assistant professor of computer science at The Florida State University who calls himself a “digital plumber,” has won a prestigious award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Known officially as the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, the NSF says it is the agency’s most prestigious award for “junior faculty who […]

Florida State’s Travis to lead national biology group

Joseph Travis, dean of The Florida State University’s College of Arts and Sciences and a distinguished researcher in the field of ecological genetics, has been named president-elect of the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS). The institute has a combined membership of more than 250,000 scientists nationwide. Joseph Travis Travis […]