Science & Technology

A scientific surprise greets FSU researchers at higher magnetic fields

Research performed by a team at Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory suggests that the benefits of building higher-field superconducting magnets likely will far outweigh the costs of building them. FSU researchers Riqiang Fu, Ozge Gunaydin-Sen and Naresh Dalal discovered something they weren’t expecting while trying to improve the resolution, or quality of […]

FSU researcher’s light body armor may save soldiers’ lives

For Florida State University researcher Okenwa Okoli, testing his latest research is vital. Okoli, an associate professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering in the Florida A&M University-Florida State College of Engineering, and his research team at FSU’s High-Performance Materials Institute ( have been working on bullet-proof body armor for U.S. military men and women. "If […]

New reagent delivers a chemical breakthrough at FSU

"Build a better mousetrap," the saying goes, "and the world will beat a path to your door." In the complex field of organic chemistry, that path leads to Florida State University, where a newly developed substance could make the jobs of scientists throughout the world a little easier as they work to develop new drugs […]

Young FSU teacher-scholars win record number of NSF Career Awards

In a banner year for Florida State University, three young members of the FSU faculty have been selected to receive prestigious Career Awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help them build upon accomplishments in their respective areas of research. The three NSF awards are the most ever received at one time by FSU. […]

FSU professor speaks out about Americans’ scientific knowledge

Susan Carol Losh, an associate professor in FSU’s Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, has received national media coverage for her research stating that while Americans are aware of more facts about science than 20 years ago, there is also an unsettling growth in the belief in pseudoscience like astrology, visits of space aliens […]

FSU researchers to study effects of climate change in Minnesota peatlands

Second in size only to the Florida Everglades, the vast Lake Agazzi peatland of northeastern Minnesota represents one of the largest wetland areas of the continental United States. Now, a pair of Florida State University researchers will visit this largely unspoiled region to collect data that may lead to a better understanding of global warming […]

FSU computational biophysics group takes top honor in international competition

A Florida State University research team has won first place in an international competition of scientists who use powerful biophysical and computational tools to study the structure and interactions of complex biomolecules such as proteins and DNA. The FSU team of Professor Huan-Xiang Zhou and postdoctoral researcher Sanbo Qin ranked first in the latest round […]

With grant, FSU seeks to become even more expert at expertise

What makes someone an expert in a particular field? Is it years of experience or just plain know-how? At Florida State University’s Learning Systems Institute, a new grant will help researchers continue to seek answers to those questions. The institute’s Center for Expert Performance Research has been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Office of […]

FSU researcher unlocking secrets of superconductivity

Recent experiments led by a Florida State University researcher provide a major step toward solving a two-decades-old materials-science mystery—and are shedding light on the mysteries of superconductivity. Christopher Wiebe, an assistant professor of physics at FSU, and colleagues from the United States and Canada report that their research has made important progress toward the ultimate […]

FSU will host biologists from around the world to create ‘new science’

Genotypes and phenotypes aren’t exactly household words outside the realm of the life and biological sciences—yet—but Florida State University biologists mean to integrate those emerging fields into a brand-new science by hiring a "cluster" of world-class scientists who will lead research to connect underlying genetics of organisms to overall appearance and behavior. On Feb. 2 […]

FSU to study ‘hidden-hero’ microbes in soil, water to help clean toxic sites

Buried under 243 acres in an East Tennessee valley adjacent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Y-12 National Security Complex, toxic waste from weapons manufacturing at the facility between 1951 and 1983 leaches into groundwater that extends in radioactive plumes for miles from the contaminated site. But soon, Florida State University Associate Professor Joel Kostka […]

FSU top reputation leads to selection to host National Nuclear Physics Summer School

Florida State University’s department of physics can boast of a new achievement that will serve to showcase it as one of the top programs in the nation for the study of nuclear physics. The department has been selected as the host site for the National Nuclear Physics Summer School in 2007. The summer school, which […]