Science & Technology

FSU researchers’ material may lead to advances in quantum computing

Scientists at Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the university’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have introduced a new material that could be to computers of the future what silicon is to the computers of today. Crystal structure of the potassium-niobium-oxygen compound doped with chromium ions. Brown arrows show well-separated electron spins. […]

FSU physicist shining a light on mysterious ‘dark matter’

We’ve all been taught that our bodies, the Earth, and in fact all matter in the universe is composed of tiny building blocks called atoms. Now imagine if this weren’t the case. This mind-bending concept is at the core of the scientific research that one Florida State University professor—and hundreds of his colleagues all over […]

FSU’s ‘buckypaper’ research recognized with nanotechnology award

A remarkable new material that has shown promise in a variety of applications, ranging from lightning strike protection and electromagnetic-interference shielding to the design of next-generation aircraft and computer displays, is bringing international attention to its Florida State University developers. Ben Wang Researchers with FSU’s High-Performance Materials Institute recently were recognized for their work with […]

Noted London biologist appointed 2007 Mote Eminent Scholar in Fisheries Ecology

The Florida State University Department of Biological Science has named Kai Lorenzen, a faculty member at Imperial College London, as its William R. and Lenore Mote Eminent Scholar in Fisheries Ecology for 2007-2008. Currently Imperial College’s senior lecturer (associate professor) in Aquatic Resource Ecology, Lorenzen becomes the seventh consecutive visiting professor to serve as FSU’s […]

Star light, star bright: FSU facility duplicating conditions of supernovas

How is matter created? What happens when stars die? Is the universe shrinking, or is it expanding? For decades, scientists have been looking for answers to such "big picture" questions. For the past few months, members of the department of physics at Florida State University have begun using a groundbreaking new research facility to conduct […]

FSU chemistry professor named fellow of Biophysical Society

A Florida State University professor whose research on protein membranes could one day lead to more effective drugs for treating diseases such as influenza type A and tuberculosis has been named a fellow of the prestigious Biophysical Society. Timothy A. Cross, the Earl Frieden Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at FSU and director of the […]

FSU study finds deep ocean turbulence has big impact on climate

More than a mile beneath the Atlantic’s surface, roughly halfway between New York and Portugal, seawater rushes through the narrow gullies of an underwater mountain range much like winds gusting between a city’s tall buildings. That rush generates one of the most turbulent areas ever observed in the deep ocean. In fact, the turbulence packs […]

FSU engineering professor receives rare honor in cryogenics

A Florida State University engineering professor recognized as a top expert in the field of low-temperature physics has received an exceedingly rare honor–a fellowship in the Cryogenics Society of America. Steven Van Sciver, the John Gorrie Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering and a founding member of […]

FSU physicist takes a trip to nuclear ‘island of inversion’

Far from the everyday world occupied by such common elements such as gold and lead lies a little-understood realm inhabited by radioactive, or unstable, elements. Recently, a nuclear physicist from Florida State University collaborated with other scientists from the United States, Japan and England in an experiment that illustrated how the "normal" rules of physics […]

FSU chemists using light-activated molecules to kill cancer cells

A key challenge facing doctors as they treat patients suffering from cancer or other diseases resulting from genetic mutations is that the drugs at their disposal often don’t discriminate between healthy cells and dangerous ones—think of the brute-force approach of chemotherapy, for instance. To address this challenge, Florida State University researchers are investigating techniques for […]

New world record for superconducting magnet set at FSU

A collaboration between the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University and industry partner SuperPower Inc. has led to a new world record for a magnetic field created by a superconducting magnet. The new record—26.8 tesla—was reached in late July at the magnet lab’s High Field Test Facility and brings engineers closer to […]

FSU’s Larbalestier receives cryogenics lifetime achievement award

A Florida State University researcher already recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field of materials science is adding another top honor to his collection. David Larbalestier, the director of FSU’s Applied Superconductivity Center, has been selected to receive the Cryogenic Materials Award for Lifetime Achievements 2007 from the International Cryogenic Materials […]