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FSU study: Parents may have longer to influence kids’ self-control

Parents, take note: longstanding theory contends that low self-control is more strongly correlated with crime than any other known factor, and also claims that self-control patterns stabilize and become fixed in children by age 10, persisting thereafter. Now, a Florida State University study offers strong empirical evidence that supports—and challenges—the "stability thesis," an idea that […]

With BYU partner, FSU’s Magnet Lab researchers decipher flu virus

As the Northern Hemisphere braces for another flu season, researchers at Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory are making strides toward better understanding the mechanics of the virus that causes it—a virus that kills between one-quarter and one-half million people each year. Tim Cross, director of the lab’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) program, […]

FSU study links anxiety sensitivity to future psychological disorders

People who get scared when they experience a pounding heart, sweaty palms or dizziness—even if the cause is something as mundane as stress, exercise or caffeine—are more likely to develop a clinical case of anxiety or panic disorder, according to a Florida State University researcher. While other researchers have proposed a connection between this so-called […]

Grace under pressure: FSU researchers analyze effects of stress on decision-making

A nursing student assigned to check a heart patient’s vital statistics enters the patient’s room. Suddenly, the patient stops breathing and exhibits an erratic heartbeat. What steps must the nursing student take to ensure that the patient doesn’t die before a better-trained medical professional can arrive? Fortunately, in this instance the emergency was merely a […]

Depression symptoms less likely in kids with accurate self-perceptions

Children who can accurately assess how their classmates feel about them—even if those feelings are negative—are less likely to show symptoms of depression, according to Florida State University researchers. Psychology Professor Janet Kistner found that children in third through fifth grades who had the wrong idea about their level of social acceptance were more likely […]

FSU study: Abortion notification, consent laws reduce risky teen sex

Laws that require minors to notify or get the consent of one or both parents before having an abortion reduce risky sexual behavior among teens, according to a Florida State University law professor. Jonathan Klick, the Jeffrey A. Stoops Professor of Law, and Thomas Stratmann, professor of economics at George Mason University, came to that […]

FSU study draws attention to U.S. public health spending

Public health systems in the United States are understaffed and insufficiently funded to meet threats from bioterrorism, pandemic disease and natural disasters, according to a current study conducted by researchers at the Florida State University College of Medicine. Lead researcher Dr. Les Beitsch, director of the college’s Center on Medicine and Public Health, analyzed 2005 […]

Study: Elders with dementia can tap into memory stores to give advice

Dementia may rob an older person of memory and focus, but the ability to offer timeless advice about life’s big questions seems to be preserved, according to Florida State University researchers. Katinka Dijkstra, an assistant professor of psychology, and and Michelle Bourgeois, professor of communication disorders, both of FSU, and colleagues from Long Island University […]

FSU College of Nursing grant means more nurses and nurse educators with advanced skills

The shortage of nurses across Florida and the nation is growing increasingly dire, and the diminishing number of nursing faculty only exacerbates that deficiency. The current average age of nurse educators as a group is approaching 57 and retirement looms for many. Help is on the way from the Florida State University College of Nursing. […]

NIH turns to FSU for top research on learning disabilities

Florida State University has been awarded a $6-million grant from the federal government over five years to fund research efforts aimed at more effectively understanding, predicting and preventing the development of learning disabilities such as dyslexia in children. The grant will fund the creation of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Multidisciplinary Learning Disabilities Center […]

FSU research published in Nature produces images of AIDS virus that may shape vaccine

As the world marks the 25th year since the first diagnosed case of AIDS, groundbreaking research by scientists at Florida State University has produced remarkable three-dimensional images of the virus and the protein spikes on its surface that allow it to bind and fuse with human immune cells. Findings from this AIDS research could boost […]

Invisible scars: Verbal abuse triggers adult anxiety, depression

A new study by Florida State University researchers has found that people who were verbally abused as children grow up to be self-critical adults prone to depression and anxiety. People who were verbally abused had 1.6 times as many symptoms of depression and anxiety as those who had not been verbally abused and were twice […]