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Florida State awarded $2.8 million to improve math in early grades

Math skills are increasingly critical to Florida’s economy, yet many of the state’s students struggle with the subject. Their problems begin early: More than one-fifth of Florida third-graders struggle in math, according to this year’s state assessment, and in upper grades, the statistics only grow grimmer. But with a new, $2.8 million grant, researchers at […]

Education professor wins grant to develop digital game-based ‘stealth’ assessments

When playing digital games, children hone skills such as persistence, creative problem solving, and conceptual physics that traditional pen-and-paper assessment methods may not measure. That’s why Florida State University College of Education Professor Valerie Shute is designing, developing and evaluating "stealth" assessments and well-disguised educational content that can be embedded in digital games to surreptitiously […]

Education professor receives grant to evaluate Florida’s Bright Futures program

Since 1997, the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program has provided academic scholarships to thousands of the state’s highest-achieving high school seniors. Now, a Florida State University professor has received a major grant that will enable him to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Shouping Hu, a professor of higher education in FSU’s College of Education, […]

FSU to train 200 Northwest Florida teachers in teaching science more effectively via state grant

A new, $3.64 million professional development program designed and implemented by the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology Engineering and Math (FCR-STEM) at Florida State University will help middle- and high-school teachers cope with the ever-growing body of science knowledge and evolving educational standards and assessments. Focusing on life and Earth sciences, the project […]

Educational institute to study roadblocks to community-college student transfer, bachelor’s degree completion

The Center for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Innovation (CHERTI) at Florida State University is initiating a study to examine the factors that limit the ability of community college students to transfer to four-year universities and to successfully earn a bachelor’s degree. David A. Tandberg, assistant professor of higher education at Florida State, will serve […]

Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine kicks off at Florida State

Florida State University experts in medicine, exercise science, nutrition, sports psychology and athletic training have partnered with one of the nation’s premier sports medicine and orthopedic treatment centers to establish the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine (ISSM), a public-private collaboration that spells good news for millions of athletes of all ages. Based at Florida […]

From Peter Rabbit to Curious George, FSU study finds 100 years of gender bias in children’s books

A Florida State University sociologist has led the most comprehensive study of 20th century children’s books ever undertaken in the United States and found a bias toward tales that feature men and boys — even male animals — as lead characters. Janice McCabe, assistant professor of sociology, led the study of nearly 6,000 books published […]

Florida State experts discuss disaster in Japan

Florida State University’s internationally recognized faculty researchers are sharing their expertise with national and international media on a variety of topics related to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In outlets ranging from CNN to The New York Times, these experts are discussing the potential dangers at Japan’s nuclear facilities, the physical processes that underlie […]

Instructional design researcher hides learning tools in video games

It’s a frustrating problem for many of today’s parents: Little Jacob or Isabella is utterly indifferent to schoolwork during the day but then happily spends all evening engrossed in the latest video game. The solution isn’t to banish the games, says one Florida State University researcher. A far better approach, advises Valerie J. Shute, is […]

FSU to help keep seniors safe on Florida’s roads

As the number of older Floridians grows, aging road users — unlike previous generations — are expected to drive more and for a longer period of time. Keeping them safe and mobile is the goal of a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Safety Office to the Pepper Institute on Aging and […]

Researchers helping K-12 teachers bring science down to earth

When it comes to teaching space and Earth sciences, there’s a world of information out there, and two Florida State University researchers are helping K-12 teachers to bring it into the classroom. The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has awarded a $37,500 grant to professors Paul Ruscher and Alejandro Gallard for a two-year project […]

Grant to help train teachers of students with visual impairments

With support from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), a Florida State University education researcher is developing a program to increase the number of teachers possessing the highly specialized skills needed to work with students who are visually impaired. Amy R. McKenzie, an assistant professor in FSU’s School of Teacher Education, has been awarded a […]