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Families are feeling stress of economic crisis, researcher finds

There is no question that the recent economic crisis has wreaked havoc on companies and on families across the country. Now, a recent study of 300 married, working couples conducted by Wayne Hochwarter, the Jim Moran Professor of Management at Florida State University’s College of Business, is revealing just how deeply the crunch is being […]

Florida State researchers: Foreign investments may be destabilizing financial markets

Stabilizing or destabilizing? Good or bad? Many have debated the positives and negatives of sovereign wealth fund investments–pools of money that foreign governments, China in particular, have invested for profit in a number of U.S. investment banks. None, however, have shed light on the fundamental question: Do such investments help or hurt? Until now. Researchers […]

Report: Policymakers must make tough choices to shape Florida’s future

On the eve of the 2009 session of the Florida Legislature, the LeRoy Collins Institute has released a new report outlining the state’s increasingly untenable fiscal bind and encouraging policymakers to be forward-thinking and imaginative in dealing with budget shortfalls. In its 2009 update of "Tough Choices: Shaping Florida’s Future," the LeRoy Collins Institute chronicles […]

The Obama effect: Researchers cite president’s role in reducing racism

President Obama spurred a dramatic change in the way whites think about African-Americans before he had even set foot in the Oval Office, according to a new study. Florida State University Psychology Professor E. Ashby Plant and University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Patricia Devine have documented a decrease in racial prejudice during the Fall 2008 period […]

What’s for lunch on Inauguration Day? Ask Florida State expert

After being sworn in as the 44th president, Barack Obama will head inside to the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall to join family members, guests and Congressional leaders for the inauguration luncheon, in keeping with a tradition introduced by Harry S. Truman and embraced by every subsequent president except Jimmy Carter. This year’s menu features seafood […]

Education in prison reduces crime: Florida State to lead national push

The Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice will help to lead the newly formed "Alliance for the Advancement of Education in Juvenile Justice and Adult Corrections," a national coalition of correctional and educational professionals promoting proven education programs for incarcerated juvenile and adult offenders. Tom Blomberg "Despite the current recession and the […]

Florida State’s accounting programs on fast track

The Florida State University College of Business graduate accounting programs are ranked the best in the state, and its undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in accounting all are among the nation’s best, according to the recently released 27th Annual Public Accounting Report Professors’ Survey. After the largest voter turnout in the newsletter’s history, Florida State’s […]

Life is a highway: Study confirms cars have personality

No one needs to tell Disney, which brought the likes of Herbie the Love Bug and Lightning McQueen to the big screen, that cars have personality. Now a study co-authored by a Florida State University researcher has confirmed through a complex statistical analysis that many people see human facial features in the front end of […]

Florida State marketing professor sees ominous clouds on holiday sales horizon

Looking ahead to the Christmas shopping season, retailers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. So says marketing Professor Michael Hartline of The Florida State University, who forecasts weaker than normal holiday sales for most retailers. Michael Hartline "Due to the worldwide economic crisis, retail sales have already dipped to levels matching those […]

Florida State receives major gifts for studies in free enterprise, ethics

Efforts by two colleges at Florida State University to expand their academic offerings have received a significant boost, thanks to a pair of major gifts from financial services company BB&T Corp. ( Joined by FSU President T.K. Wetherell and the deans of the College of Business and the College of Social Sciences, BB&T Tallahassee President […]

Innovative oil transport, democracy and Islam, fire arts on campus this week

Following Election Night, Florida State University has scheduled an active week of events. Daniel D. Joseph, a professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics at the University of Minnesota, will deliver this year’s Sir James Lighthill Distinguished Lecture in Mathematical Sciences at Florida State University. Joseph plans to discuss an innovative method for piping crude oil […]

Florida State sets election night party; CBS National News to be on hand

Florida State President T.K. Wetherell and Student Government President Laymon Hicks have invited all Florida State University faculty, staff and students to an election night returns viewing party in the President’s Box at Doak Campbell Stadium. The event will be the site of CBS National News coverage. CBS News anchored by Katie Couric is planning […]