Privacy Policy

"Florida State 24/7," the official news Web page of Florida State University, recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by its online visitors.

We've created the following policy guidelines with a fundamental respect of our users' right to privacy.

Information Collected by Florida State 24/7

Florida State 24/7 collects information about users during their registration for websites, as well as their participation in certain activities on our website. When users request pages from our server, our Web server automatically collects IP addresses. These addresses are used by computers on the network to send the requested pages to users and to manage the user session so that our Web pages can provide a custom appearance to the end user. In order to join one of's systems, users must provide certain voluntary information about themselves. All information collected will only be used to customize communications concerning Florida State 24/7.

Use of Information

Florida State 24/7 will not reveal any personal information that users provide to any third party without the user's permission. The purpose of Florida State 24/7 is to provide a Consumer Relationship Management System to our users, and the use of personal information provided by users outside of the intended purpose is forbidden.

Using email addresses provided by our members through online contacts or other affiliation with Florida State University, Florida State 24/7 may periodically send out promotional email, surveys and other information to its users.

Florida State 24/7 users can remove themselves at any time if they do not wish to receive email information. All this requires is clicking "remove me" from the bottom of the email they have received. Third-party vendors will not contact users through the use of emails except through advertisements within the emails, or unless users ask to be placed on a list to receive emails from our advertisers on subjects of interest.

Our site uses temporary cookies to deliver content specific information to users' interests and to honor their preferences. This information is used to assist us in creating a site that will serve the needs of our users. Our site uses permanent cookies only if the user opts to have their computer remember their information.


Florida State 24/7 uses a number of precautions to keep our users' personal information secure and to disclose such information only to responsible third parties only after permission is granted from the user.

Please be assured that the information you provide will be used for Florida State 24/7 purposes only.

For more information, please contact the Florida State University Office of News and Research Communications at (850) 644-4030 or

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