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In your search for Florida State University professors with expertise on a certain subject, please take advantage of the excellent individual websites listing faculty members and their areas of research that can be found on the Web pages of Florida State University's 16 colleges and schools and their various departments. To reach the department directory Web page, go to

For further assistance, the News & Research Communications office has four staff members dedicated to distributing university news and assisting reporters with information or faculty experts.

Presidential Inauguration 2013


Fiscal Cliff Experts


Federal Debt Ceiling Experts


Conflict in Libya Experts


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (June 28, 2012)


Afghanistan Invasion Expert


Middle East, North Africa Experts


North Korea Experts


Future of Iraq Expert


Dow Experts


FCAT Experts


2012 Presidential Race


Hurricane Experts at Florida State University (2012)


Violent Anti-American Protests in Middle East (September 2012)


2012 Florida Republican Primary Experts


July 2012 Shootings in Aurora, Colo.


20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew


Gulf Oil Spill Experts


Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami Experts


On First Anniversary of Japan Disaster, Experts Offer an Informed Look Back And a Look Ahead


Death of Osama bin Laden Experts


9/11 Anniversary Experts


Occupy Wall Street Experts


10th Anniversary of Enron Collapse Experts


London 2012 Olympic Games


Physicists Available To Discuss Higgs Boson, The Elusive 'God Particle'


Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Experts


Aug. 23, 2011, East Coast Earthquake Experts


25th Anniversary of the Challenger Disaster